Cellular Calcium: Secretion of Hormones

  • W. J. Malaisse
Part of the ILSI Human Nutrition Reviews book series (ILSI HUMAN)


During the late 1960s, being interested in the regulation of insulin release from isolated islets of Langerhans prepared from the pancreatic gland, I became convinced, like a few other scientists, that calcium plays a critical role in the process of insulin secretion by the pancreatic β-cell (Grodsky and Bennett 1966; Milner and Hales 1967). I thought, therefore, that it would be interesting to study the effect of D-glucose and other secretagogues upon the handling of radioactive 45Ca by the isolated islets (Malaisse-Lagae et al. 1969). Hence, I asked the director of the department, a leading clinician not too far from retirement, for permission to order some 45Ca and to introduce this isotope in the laboratory. The answer came, in essence, as follows. “Are you not confused? Calcium may play a role in the regulation of hormonal release by the parathyroid gland. But it is glucose and not calcium which stimulates insulin secretion.”


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