Soft Tissue Uptake of Bone Agents

  • H. W. Gray


This volume, and others, attest to the wide-ranging application of bone-seeking radiopharmaceuticals to diagnostic problems in clinical practice. There was early recognition that valuable information on the kidney and urinary tract could be obtained incidentally (Park et al. 1973) by virtue of the prompt renal excretion of these agents. Other soft tissues were thought to take up the 99mTc phosphates because of macro- or microscopic tissue calcification (Silberstein et al. 1975). The last 10 years, however, have witnessed a plethora of case reports showing accumulation of bone-seeking agents in both neoplastic and non-neoplastic soft tissue. Our simplistic concept of a uniform mechanism for soft tissue deposition has therefore become untenable, and despite considerable research effort our overall understanding of the process is still in its infancy.


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