Pelvic Lymph Nodes: Diagnosis and Significance

  • J. I. Harty
  • W. J. Catalona
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For more than 50 years, it has been common knowledge that pelvic and abdominal lymph nodes are frequently found to be involved with metastatic spread from carcinoma of the prostate at the time of autopsy (Bumpus 1926). Since the report by Flocks et al. (1959) that lymph nodes with metastatic deposits are frequently found in early prostatic cancer, that is in prostate glands felt clinically to be surgically removable, there has been intense interest in this field. Controversy has arisen concerning the presence or absence of lymph channels in the prostate itself, the exact location of the regional lymph nodes, the incidence of lymph node involvement with metastatic disease in clinically localized prostatic cancer, the need and accuracy of pelvic lymph node dissection, especially when performed with frozen section examination, the extent of pelvic node dissection, and, finally, whether lymph node dissection in prostatic carcinoma is simply an improved staging procedure that produces additional prognostic information or a therapeutic procedure in addition.


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