Contact X-ray Microscopy of the Breast

  • R. Ll. Davies
  • J. K. Pye
  • I. H. Gravelle


The technique of contact X-ray microscopy is a means of studying the microstructure of various tissues. In particular, it enables comparison of cellular densities and plays a role in the interpretation of mammographic patterns. The technique of X-ray microscopy has been available for many years but has been little used in the study of breast tissue [1,2]. The advantages offered by X-ray microscopy in the study of breast disease are due to the wavelengths of X-rays, which are approximately 1000 times shorter than those of visible light. This results in increased penetration and higher resolving power, enabling sections of biological tissue several hundred microns thick to be examined.


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  • R. Ll. Davies
  • J. K. Pye
  • I. H. Gravelle

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