Conservative Management of Vulvar Carcinoma

  • P. Kolstad
  • T. Iversen


Carcinoma of the vulva constitutes 0.9% of all female malignancies in Norway, and 4.0% of all gynaecological malignancies. Survival studies performed by the Cancer Registry of Norway [1] have shown a significant improvement in prognosis from the years prior to 1962 to the years after 1968 (Fig. 25.1). Since the majority of the patients during this period were treated in the Norwegian Radium Hospital, this improvement in prognosis most probably reflects the fact that from the early 1960s radical vulvectomy with bilateral lymphadenectomy was introduced as standard treatment for all stages. Before this time, treatment was less radical and varied from case to case. Lymphadenectomy was not always performed, and sometimes the patients were given radiotherapy only.


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