The Aetiology of Ovarian Cancer

  • M. S. Baylis
  • W. J. Henderson
  • C. G. Pierrepoint
  • K. Griffiths


The estimated number of new notifications of ovarian cancer in 1983 in the United States will be 18200 with 11500 women dying from the disease in the same period [1]. New registrations of ovarian cancer in England and Wales in 1974 numbered 4178 and 5 years later, 3784 women had died of the disease. Such data illustrate the poor prognosis associated with this condition, with less than 25% of women expecting to survive 5 years (Fig. 16.1). The risk of developing ovarian cancer is similar to that for carcinoma of the cervix, 1 in 80, yet as many women die from ovarian cancer as from the other female genital tract malignancies combined. A factor which gives rise for concern is the increasing incidence of the disease. From 1931 to 1970 in England and Wales the mortality rates per million women rose by 15% each decennium [2]. During the period 1971–1980, however, the rate of increase had plateaued to 6.5% (Fig. 16.2).


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