Hemophilic Arthropathy

  • Holger Pettersson
  • Marvin S. Gilbert


As mentioned in Chap. 1, references to a bleeding disorder that affected primarily males appeared in ancient writings (Rosner 1969) but it was not until the nineteenth century that Otto (1803) and Legg (1872) reported that hemophilia was frequently associated with an arthritic diathesis. Several papers mistakenly speculated on the reason for the increased incidence of rheumatism, gouty arthritis, or tuberculous arthritis. Volkmann (1868) first stated that in hemophilia, hemarthroses could occur spontaneously or due to an insignificant cause. In 1892, König demonstrated that these arthropathies were secondary to intra-articular bleeding. He gave a detailed description of the clinical findings which remains valid to the present time. A lack of hemotologic treatment led him to suggest that mild compression and immobilization was the recommended treatment for these hemarthroses.


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