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Carcinoma In Situ

  • T. B. Hargreave
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This lesion has also been called ‘flat carcinoma in situ’ (Riddle et al. 1976) or ‘flat intraepithelial neoplasia’ (Barlebo et al. 1972). These are attempts to define the epithelial abnormality where there is an overtly malignant cellular pattern of the epithelial cells but without invasion or papillary growth. Unfortunately, the histological criteria are not clear cut (see Chap. 2, p. 30) and different pathologists will not necessarily agree: One might report severe dysplasia, whereas another may report the same slide to show carcinoma in situ and a third may attempt to grade the in situ change. The problem is compounded by the different clinical patterns of the disease. Some possible criteria for classification of carcinoma in situ are listed in Table 7.1; however, because of the comparative rarity of the lesion, such classification is not usually made and therefore the natural history of the untreated lesion in each category has not been fully documented.


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