Cytotoxic Drugs and Hormonal Manipulations in the Management of Carcinoma of the Kidney

  • A. S. D. Spiers
Part of the Clinical Practice in Urology book series (PRACTICE UROLOG)


The commonest renal tumor in adults is that arising from the cells of renal parenchyma. These cancers were described by Grawitz (1883), who named them hypernephromas upon the supposition that they might arise from nests of adrenal tissue in the kidney. The names ‘hypernephroma’ and ‘Grawitz tumor’ are obsolete, and renal carcinoma (or renal cell carcinoma) is the most appropriate term, since the tumors arise from the secretory cells of the renal tubular epithelium. Renal carcinoma is not a common disease; its incidence is about 7.5 cases per 100,000 population. In the United States there are about 7000 deaths from this tumor each year (American Cancer Society 1973): this represents 2.3% of male cancer deaths and 1.6% of cancer deaths in women.


Testosterone Cyclophosphamide Vincristine Adriamycin Melamine 


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