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The probability of a war with Germany and the likelihood of large scale air raids on British cities had led to the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) being set up. It was planned to use the central London hospitals chiefly as casualty clearing stations and to transfer most of their staff and patients to locations outside the metropolis. UCH was in sector IV which covered north west London and the surrounding districts, and practically all the clinical staff enrolled either as full time or part time members of the Service. Beds for UCH patients were allocated at Stanborough’s Hydro near Watford and at Leavesden Asylum nearby. On the declaration of war on September 3 1939 UCH was emptied of patients, and all the medical staff reported to their allotted posts in the EMS except for those who were to remain at UCH to man the casualty clearing station.289 On September 4, Lewis wrote from home to Mellanby saying ‘I have been posted to a hospital at Leavesden. Simultaneously I am running the Casualty Services for West Hertfordshire. I will do any work the MRC considers more suitable for me’. He wrote again to say ‘Honour, the head lab man, is little employed but he is much too valuable to release as I shall want him for any work I engage in and wherever it is’.503 Lewis now had his patients at the Leavesden hospital, 20 miles north of London, where he also made regular teaching rounds. But his work with the first aid casualty services in his home district of Chorleywood was less satisfactory because of a dispute as to who directed them.


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