Sjögren, T.

  • Peter Beighton
  • Greta Beighton


Sjögren-Larsson1 syndrome comprises ichthyosis, spastic paraplegia and mental retardation. Inheritance is autosomal recessive.


Muscular Dystrophy Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Genetic Unit Autosomal Recessive Form Postgraduate Qualification 
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  1. Sjögren T, Larsson T (1957) Oligophrenia in combination with congenital ichthyosis and spastic disorders. A clinical and genetic study.ActapsychiatrScand 32(Suppl 113): 1–112Google Scholar

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  • Peter Beighton
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  • Greta Beighton
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  1. 1.Department of Human GeneticsUniversity of Cape Town Medical SchoolSouth Africa

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