Build-Time Estimation Tools for Rapid Prototyping Stereolithography Systems

  • J. Giannatsis
  • V. Dedoussis
  • L. Laios
Part of the Advanced Manufacturing book series (ADVMANUF)


A few years ago a new group of technologies appeared in the growing field of Advanced Manufacturing systems, the so called Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing (RP & M) technologies or better Layer Manufacturing (LM) technologies. All these technologies share the same basic operational concept which is to build parts from various materials (polymers, metals, paper etc.) in a layer-by-layer fashion, almost directly from CAD data and without employing any kind of manufacturing tools. The above features, combined with the high degree of automation employed in these systems and the small amount of time required for production, made RP & M systems an attractive solution for a great deal of applications in the automotive, aerospace and consumer products industry.


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  • V. Dedoussis
  • L. Laios

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