Performance evaluation of satellite constellations. The CONSIM™ simulator concept and architecture

  • Marco Annoni
  • Simone Bizzarri
  • Fabrizio Faggi
Conference paper


The introduction of the satellite constellation systems with the related increased complexity of the satellites, the time varying orbital topology, the consequent network implications, require the adoption of specialized modeling and simulation tools in order to adequately carry out performance evaluation. The paper presents the main features of CONSIM™ (CONstellation SIMulator), a valuable workbench designed and developed over the past two years in order to verify the applicability of some modern modeling and simulation methodologies (i.e. multi- domain, co-simulation, model re-use, object-orientation, …etc.) to the satellite constellation systems. The framework has been conceived to model network aspects related to operation & maintenance, orbital dynamics, traffic. After an initial description of its software architecture, the original design solutions which have been investigated and implemented in the environment are described. Finally, the open issues and the areas of possible improvement are outlined.


Software Architecture Satellite Constellation Orbital Dynamic Traffic Simulator Space Segment 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Marco Annoni
    • 1
  • Simone Bizzarri
    • 1
  • Fabrizio Faggi
    • 1
  1. 1.CSELT - Centro Studi e Laboratori Telecomunicazioni S.p.ATorinoItaly

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