Is it possible to recognize local controllability in a finite number of differentiations?

  • Andrei A. Agrachev
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Let f 1,…, f k, k ≥ 2, be real-analytic vector fields defined on a neighborhood of the origin in R n , and t > 0. The point xR n is called attainable from the origin for a time less than t and with no more than N switchings, if there exists a subdivision 0 = to < t 1 < … < T N +1 < t of the segment [0,t] and solutions ξ j (t), t ∈ [t j , t j +1] of the differential equations = f ij (x), for some i j ∈ {1,…,k}, such that ξ0(0) = 0, ξ j −1(t j ) = ξ j (t j ) for j = 1,…, N, ξ N (t N +1) = x. Let A t (N) be the set of all such points x; the set \( {A_t} = \bigcup\limits_{N > 0} {At} (N) \) is called the attainable set for a time no greater than t.


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