Embankments and Slopes

  • Trevor L. L. Orr
  • Eric R. Farrell


Section 9 of EC7 provides the requirements for the design of both embankments and slopes. Although this section is primarily concerned with the requirements for the design of unsupported and unreinforced embankments and slopes in soil, it also provides the requirements for the design of rock slopes. While the design requirements are provided, there is little guidance on the analytical methods to be used, particularly in the case of rock slopes. According to C9.1(1)P the provisions of this section do not apply to dykes and dams. What was intended by this was that the provisions of this section, while applicable, may not be sufficient for the design of dykes and dams because of the higher risk associated with water retaining structures. Such structures would normally be classified as GC3 and therefore, according to C2.1(5), additional investigations and analyses are required.


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