Turning business into e-business

  • Peter Gloor


This chapter describes how a company can profit from the e-business revolution by transforming itself into an e-business. e-Business transformation can be done either top-down, by creating a new digital strategy, or bottom-up, by automating existing processes with e-business technologies, Either way, knowledge about its business domain and processes is one of the core assets of a company. Once process and domain knowledge has been extracted and made accessible in a human-understandable and machine-readable format, tools and technologies can link the whole value chain, automatically executing business processes spanning the globe and linking many participants. Based on a broad collection of sample processes, this chapter looks in detail at how e-business technologies can be used to transform a business either top-down or bottom-up into an e-business, A broad selection of case studies illustrates how leading firms have transformed their businesses. The Web dating industry has set an early example of a successful adaptation of all facets of Web technology.


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