REXX Instructions

  • Anthony S. Rudd


The REXX language provides the following instructions:
  • ADDRESS Set current command environment

  • ARG Get argument

  • CALL Invoke routine (exception handler)

  • DO Start of DO-block

  • DROP Free variable

  • EXIT Exit

  • IF — THEN — [ELSE] Conditional processing

  • INTERPRET Process run-time statement

  • ITERATE Iterate DO-loop

  • LEAVE Leave DO-loop

  • NOP No-instruction

  • NUMERIC Set numeric options

  • OPTIONS Set language processor options

  • PARSE Parse data

  • PROCEDURE Define start of procedure

  • PULL Retrieve element from stack

  • PUSH Place element at end of the stack

  • QUEUE Place element at start of the stack

  • RETURN Return from routine

  • SAY Display

  • SELECT Define start of SELECT-block

  • SIGNAL Exception handler processing

  • TRACE Set debugging option

  • UPPER Transform to uppercase

  • = Assign

  • commands.


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