A Review of the Management of Non-Unions Using Orthofix External Fixation Systems

  • M. Saleh


In Sheffield a large tertiary referral service was developed by Professor John Sharrard in 1979 for the treatment of difficult non-unions. The Dynamic Axial Fixator (DAF) was introduced in 1982 to deal with severe, intractable cases, many of which were infected. A review of this early experience is presented in order to analyze the appropriate role and use of the DAF. The first 22 segments treated with the DAF were reviewed1 at the First Riva Congress in 1986 on recent advances in external fixation. Fractures were held in neutralization but post-operative compression was employed in some instances, using the fixator’s compression-distraction device. The overall healing rate was 62.5 per cent and although fractures treated by progressive compression healed, undesirable angulation occurred.


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