Proximal Femoral Fractures: the Pertrochanteric Fixator

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While it has now been demonstrated convincingly that mortality rates following trochanteric fractures of the femur can be dramatically reduced when surgical, as opposed to conservative treatment is employed, (Kennedy et al 1957; Evans 1949; Riska 1970; Dahl 1980), recent attention has tended to focus mainly on internal methods of fracture stabilization such as the sliding hip screw, or an intramedullary device such as the Gamma nail. While both of these techniques produce acceptable results, a number of problems associated with their use have been reported in the literature (Wolfgang, Bryant and O’Neill 1982; Nunn 1988; Simpson, Varty and Dodd 1989, Davis et al 1990, Bridle et al 1991; Haider 1992; Mahaisavariya and Laupattarakasem 1992; Fornander et al 1994).


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