Wide-Field Imaging

  • John Sanford
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After about forty years of astrophotography, the CCD revolution hit me hard. Here was a way to make images almost instantly and without guiding, a chore I had come to regard almost the same as a trip to the dentist! I first purchased an ST4 in order to auto-guide, but did some imaging with it to see what I could do. The results were interesting but seemed primitive, and when I heard about the Starlight Xpress I thought maybe here was something that would give me an almost photographic-looking 5 x 7 inch (12.5 x 17.5 cm) image. I also decided to become the US dealer for the factory in England, since they were looking for a US outlet. The business aspect has been less than a huge success, but there are over twenty cameras in use here, in Mexico, and in Alaska. The camera has been used by many workers around the world, and is a favourite in England and Italy, among other countries. Supernovae and asteroids have been discovered with this camera from Italy and England, respectively.


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