A Web-Based Configuration Tool for Build-to-Order Products
  • Paul J. P. Slater
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PCONFIG is a modern web-based constraint system managing the complex configuration requirements of one product range from a specific computer manufacturer. The range spans multiple CPU types, Operating Systems, Option cards and all the diverse multi-way relationships to be found in the assembly of complex computers.

A principled approach to configuration was adopted from the outset with special attention given to ongoing product enhancement. Computer Parts and Engineering Constraints are separated in this unique configuration engine allowing each to be updated independently; typically by different people. The complex modelling essential in capturing multi-way relationships is dealt with by coding configuration information using a tool boasting a patented pattern-matching algorithm. This highly versatile rules-based, object-orientated development tool encouraged the simplification of a potentially difficult and complex problem into a relatively straightforward and extensible system.

This online configuration system goes live on the Digital customer web pages early next year. Future enhancements to PCONFIG includes a parts editor, a constraints editor and ordering methods allowing users to place orders not only by part numbers, but also system functions and system benefits.


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Hypertext links

  1. 1. This site contains a downloadable order guide specifying the DMCC product range used in the PCONFIG programme.
  2. 2. Employee Led Instruction (ELI) is a web based intranet training tool designed to deliver training tailored to the needs of the individual.
  3. 3. Model Based Intelligent Training (MOBIT) was one of a small number of joint DTI & EPSRC sponsored projects as part of Intelligent System Integration Project (ISIP). Details on MOBIT are available on a DTI CD-ROM by sending email to or telephoning the DTI on 0385 948252.


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Hypertext links

  1. 5. RuleWorks is the next generation rules-based application development tool from Digital replacing the original OPS5 expert system development tool. Information on this product is available by sending email to
  2. 6. David Browne maintains a useful index of Configuration links to background information and demonstrators on the subject of configuration.


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