Myelopathies in HIV Infection

  • R. J. Guiloff


Myelopathies are seen clinically in about 7% of AIDS cases (McArthur 1987; Guiloff et al. 1988) and pathologically in 40%–50% of AIDS post mortems (Henin et al. 1992) but they are far less frequent in children (Sharer et al. 1990). The commonest is vacuolar myelopathy, an entity of unknown aetiology. Other myelopathies include infection by HIV-1, opportunistic infections, tumours, vascular lesions and myelopathies unrelated to HIV disease. Overall these other myelopathies are, as a group, as frequent as vacuolar myelopathy. Reasons for the lower clinical than pathological incidence include coexisting peripheral nerve or intracranial disease masking the signs of myelopathy, absence of clinical signs in cases with mild or moderate pathological change and failure to make the clinical diagnosis of vascular myelopathy in cases without weakness or spasticity or without the typical combination of pyramidal and posterior column signs.


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