A Better Barn Door

Double-Arm Scotch Mount for Astrophotography
  • Stephen Tonkin
Part of the Practical Astronomy book series (PATRICKMOORE)


Astrophotography with a 35 mm camera is usually done piggyback on an equatorially mounted telescope or on one of the several small equatorial mounts sold specifically for the purpose. The ATM who wishes to achieve the same ends through spending time rather than money has traditionally made a hand-driven “barn door drive”. During the late 1980s, ATMs made several improvements to the original simple design. Excellent astrophotography is possible with this motor-driven camera mount, which can be built in a weekend. It offers more accurate tracking than conventional barn door designs, and it incorporates a stepper-motor controller which can be adapted to other applications.


Quartz Refraction Poss Photography Cylin 


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