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Part of the Practical Astronomy book series (PATRICKMOORE)


Whilst it is relatively easy to ignore this chapter and dive straight into the CD-ROM, it will probably result in less frustration if you try it our way first. Firstly the good news, the CD-ROM is organised exactly as the book with sub-directories matching each chapter. If you read about something you fancy in Chapter 5 say, then it will be located in sub-directory \chap5. To help you get at the data and software a menu system is included. Now the bad news. For this menu system to run you must first install Adobe Acrobat Reader from the CD-ROM, unless you already have it installed on your PC. Once installed all you will need to do is double click on start.pdf located in the top directory of the CD-ROM (use explorer to do this). You can of course make a short-cut to simplify this and I would recommend doing so.


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