Feedback Design for Robust Global Stability

  • Alberto Isidori
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The purpose of this Chapter is to describe some important tools for the design of feedback laws which globally asymptotically stabilize a nonlinear system in the presence of parameter uncertainties. We consider the case in which the mathematical model of the system to be controlled depends on a vector μ ∈ ℝ p of parameters, which are assumed to be constant, but whose actual values are unknown to the designer. The vector µ of unknown parameters could be any vector in some a priori given set \( \mathcal{P} \), and the goal of the design is to find a feedback law (obviously independent of μ) which globally asymptotically stabilizes the system for each value of \( \mu \in \mathcal{P} \). A problem of this type is usually referred to as a problem of robust stabilization.


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