Systems Engineering for Business Process Change

pp 151-163

Social Viewpoints on Legacy Systems

  • T. Rodden
  • , M. Rouncefield
  • , I. Sommerville
  • , S. Viller

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In recent years most commercial organisations have been forced into radical organisational change in response to new competitive pressures and customer demands. The financial services sector, in particular, has changed rapidly over the past decade as a necessary and radical response to major changes in the political, legal, economic and social environment in which they operate. At it simplest this means that all major banks are currently in the throes of a massive organisational and cultural shift involving changing from a traditional focus on the administration of accounts to a new and increasing emphasis on marketing and sales. This change, which Burton (1994) characterises as moving ‘from tellers to sellers’ has also, and necessarily, involved an enormous investment in appropriate information technology (IT). As Channon (1998) notes, after a long period of relative stability in the financial services sector, information and communication technology has increasingly driven corporate strategy—‘transforming and forcing convergence of what were previously a series of segregated industry segments’.