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It is interesting to note how the concept of application modeling has evolved in line with object oriented programming and rapid application development (RAD) techniques in general. In the early days of computing and application development, programmers would often spend considerable time liaising with users from within the business area in order to understand the requirement and translate it somehow into workable code. Sometimes of course, the programmer might interpret elements of the requirement slightly differently from the user representative, and sometimes the expediency of coding technique would take precedence over ultimate usability. To a certain degree it was inevitable, at least within the bounds of reasonable cost, that the user would have to accommodate the eccentricities of the computer and mould their processes accordingly. At least, this is how they saw the situation, and it was a situation which suited the programmers rather well. Computer programmers in those days were considered something of an elite and rare breed with whom you didn’t argue, at least not if you ever wanted to see the realization of the planned application.


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