Shifting Spaces

  • Esther Rolinson


The proposals and projects I have recently produced investigate simple architectural structures, such as walls, roofs, stairs and columns. They employ building materials such as sheet glass and steel, either in an unfamiliar context such as sculptural installation, or to find a reinterpretation of the material such as perforating concrete and using it as a gauze to filter light. My intention is to subtly heighten the viewer’s awareness of architectural and natural forms and patterns of human and elemental movement. Alongside structural installations, I work with light, either with architectural or theatrical lights or with projected digitally manipulated animations and images. I am interested in the idea of `sensitizing environments’ by combining responsive structural materials, such as Priva-Lite Glass (which turns from opaque to transparent on receipt of an electrical current) to create animated surfaces that can be programmed to form an evolving manipulation of light. With these materials I hope to express unseen natural events such as the impact of the wind upon physical structures.


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