Educational Metadata: Friendly Fire?

  • Rachada Monthienvichienchai
  • Martina Angela Sasse
  • Richard Wheeldon
Part of the Computer Supported Cooperative Work book series (CSCW)


In this chapter, we investigate the usability of educational metadata schemas with respect to the case of the MALTED (Multimedia Authoring for Language Teachers and Educational Developers) project at University College London (UCL). The aim of the project is to facilitate language learning by allowing teachers to share multimedia material for language teaching and to provide a user interface that will efficiently support retrieval and usage of this material when authoring coarses or exercises. We conclude that there are serious incompatibilities between the current educational metadata schema, as promoted by the Learning Object Metadata (LOM) working group of the IEEE Learning Technologies Standardization Committee, and the way language teachers actually go about authoring teaching material. This chapter highlights such incompatibilities encountered by the project, especially those that could only be found through adopting a participatory design approach during the development of the MALTED system.


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  • Rachada Monthienvichienchai
  • Martina Angela Sasse
  • Richard Wheeldon

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