Development of a Wireless Bridge Monitoring System With Energy Harvesting Modules

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The paper presents the first results obtained in a research project started in 2009. Goal of the project is the development of a multi-sensor wireless bridge monitoring system with sensors that are supplied by energy harvesting modules. Parallel to the hardware development one group of our research team develops the software for the online data handling and evaluation. Our research team consists of four groups: Structural Engineering Group, Sensor Group, Wireless Group and Algorithm Group. Each group contributes to the project. Currently a standard monitoring system with external power supply is running on a pre-stressed concrete bridge. Vibrations, cracks, temperature, and moisture of the five span bridges are constantly monitored for at least one year. This system shall be replaced by the new system. The paper presents the concept of the energy harvesting modules and the online algorithms used to evaluate the measurements. The results obtained so far from the currently running monitoring system will also be presented.


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