Evacuation Planning Tool (EPT) for Emergency, Event and Space Planning

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The authors present an application of agent based simulation in evacuation planning and emergency response. The Evacuation Planning Tool (EPT) developed by Regal Decision Systems Inc for DHS is a PC based software application that consists of a 3D Editor, an agent based model, a 3D animation component and a reporting module. The EPT provides users with the ability to simulate and analyze a wide variety of evacuation scenarios. The EPT simulates movements of crowds and provides users with the ability to control security teams at a command level. Users can assess civilian responses, facility operations and security options related to a variety of disasters and threats in order to analyze and formulate evacuation strategies. Entities and groups of entities are created with decision branching intelligence and dynamic selection of destinations, routes, and behaviors. The behaviors are consistent with environmental influences such as threats, physical barriers, encumbrances, and commands.


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