Imaging of Pediatric Emergencies

  • John J. Krol
  • Paul F. von Herrmann
  • Harigovinda R. Challa
  • Johanne E. Dillon


The diagnosis and management of pediatric patients in the emergency department has unique challenges that often require a different approach by the clinician than with an adult patient. Although children may develop many of the same illnesses as adults, certain life-threatening diagnoses are seen more often in the pediatric population. An immature immune system, small body size, and developmental anomalies are several factors that can place children at an increased risk for specific diseases. This chapter will focus on the imaging evaluation of diagnoses that occur more often or with a unique appearance in the pediatric population.


Septic Arthritis Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis Shunt Malfunction Acute Disseminate Encephalomyelitis Orbital Cellulitis 
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  • Paul F. von Herrmann
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