The Brézis-Browder Theorem Revisited and Properties of Fitzpatrick Functions of Order n

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In this paper, we study maximal monotonicity of linear relations (set-valued operators with linear graphs) on reflexive Banach spaces. We provide a new and simpler proof of a result due to Brézis–Browder which states that a monotone linear relation with closed graph is maximal monotone if and only if its adjoint is monotone. We also study Fitzpatrick functions and give an explicit formula for Fitzpatrick functions of order n for monotone symmetric linear relations.


Adjoint Convex function Convex set Fenchel conjugate Fitzpatrick function Linear relation Maximal monotone operator Multifunction Monotone operator Set-valued operator Symmetric operator. 


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The author thanks Dr. Heinz Bauschke and Dr. Xianfu Wang for valuable discussions. The author also thanks the two anonymous referees for their careful reading and their pertinent comments.


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