Laser Endoscopic Treatment

  • Pierre R. Moreau
  • Pierre H. Demez


After a review of CO2 laser technique in the treatment of head and neck cancers, the results of the literature are presented for each localization. For early glottic cancers T1–T2, the specific survival rate at 5 years is around 100%, with a local recurrence rate of 10% and an incidence of total laryngectomy limited to 2–3%, lower than after radiotherapy. For supraglottic cancers, the expertise is important; techniques, indications, and results differ depending on the authors. One observes 10% of local recurrence for T1–T2 and 20% for T3–T4, with a specific survival rate of 80% at 5 years. This disparity is stronger for pharyngeal cancers. For precancerous lesions, laser gives a local recurrence rate around 10%, which can be salvaged without total laryngectomy –contrary to postradiation salvage –with a specific survival rate near 100%. Laser debulking of obstructing tumors can be performed in order to avoid tracheotomy. Postradiation recurrence can be salvaged by laser only for a few parts, with an important rate of new recurrences and total laryngectomies.


CO2 laser Endoscopic surgery Transoral laser surgery Glottic Supraglottic Pharyngeal carcinoma Laryngeal carcinoma in situ Glottic dysplasia Airway obstruction Recurrent laryngeal carcinoma 


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