Preparing an Interdisciplinary Workforce in Oncofertility: A Suggested Educational and Research Training Program



The new field of oncofertility brings together basic and clinical scientists and practitioners in reproductive medicine and oncology, as well as biomechanical engineers, bioethecists, psychologists, and others, in order to provide young cancer patients with their best options for preserving fertility and having a future family. An oncofertility training program must be multifaceted and multidisciplinary in its approach, with mentors that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries to guide the training of fellows interested in this new field. Research and technical expertise at the bench, as well as clinical experience with oncofertility patients and their families, are essential parts of an oncofertility training program. Opportunities to network and discuss with other fellows and leaders across various fields of inquiry will help foster a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to each fellow’s future research program. Practical issues in setting up an oncofertility training program—its administration, its curriculum, and its evaluation—are discussed in this chapter with the goal of encouraging the entry of more fellows into the field of oncofertility to become tomorrow’s leaders in this exciting new “supra-discipline.”


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This work was supported by the Oncofertility Consortium 5UL1DE019587 and component grants TL1-CA133837 and RL9-CA133838.


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