Calcium-sensing Receptor and Neoplastic Transformation

  • Enikö Kállay
  • Heide S. Cross
  • Meinrad Peterlik
Part of the Endocrine updates book series (ENDO, volume 19)


There is increasing evidence from epidemiological studies that some of the most frequent human cancers are associated with a specific nutritional pattern: For example, an increased risk of breast cancer is believed to result from high dietary fat and/or low intake of vitamin D and calcium (1,2,3). Similarly, it has been known for a long time that colorectal cancer shows a strong positive correlation with dietary fat, while low vitamin D and dietary calcium are additional independent risk factors for the disease (4,5,6). From the study of Garland et al. (5) it can be implied that the incidence of colorectal cancer may be reduced by approximately 70% if daily calcium intake is raised from 800 to 1400 mg. The incidence of prostate cancer is also clearly linked to high fat consumption, whereas studies on a possible association with dietary calcium levels did not yield conclusive results (7,8).


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