Laboratory Safety

  • Michael J. Dykstra
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It is a great testimony to the discipline of electron microscopy that our safety record is excellent. From the earliest days of biological electron microscopy, investigators have realized the toxicity and danger of the chemicals with which we routinely work, which include flammable liquids, potential carcinogens, strong oxidants, heavy metals, caustic substances, and skin and respiratory irritants. The industry has also made sure that the radiation generated from electron microscopes is shielded from the Operator. In addition, even though we have all suffered minor cuts from the razor blades and glass from which we make glass knives, very few injuries necessitating hospital Visits for stitches have occurred. We work with pressurized gas cylinders, extremely cold liquid nitrogen, hot plates, heated ovens, diffusion pumps, and equipment that can be a source of electrical shock hazard and injury from motor-driven belts, and so on.


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