Market Introduction of Compostable Packaging

Consumers’ Acceptance and Disposal Habits in the Kassel Project
  • Jöran Reske


After about a decade of technical development, the application of biodegradable polymers (BDPs) is technically feasible for a wide range of products including packaging. The packaging sector is one of the most promising, because high amounts of BDPs could be used. Especially food packaging usually only needs to protect the product for a very limited time span. Furthermore, when it comes to the disposal of the packaging, contamination by food does not represent a problem when the packaging is treated in a biological recovery system as for example a composting plant. This perspective has lead to several activities with the aim of developing the market for compostable (food) packaging. Among these, the Kassel project named after the place where it took place from spring 2001 until autumn 2002 — has attracted very much interest both at national German level and worldwide. This attempt was the first to place a spectrum of compostable packaging in the market and to use the existing routes of distribution and waste management.


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