Contemporary Old Artists on Their Late-Life Creativity

The Quality and Quantity of Late-Life Art
  • Martin S. Lindauer
Part of the The Plenum Series in Adult Development and Aging book series (SSAD)


An impressive number of well-known and long-lived men and women Western artists from several centuries and representing various nationalities remained creative well beyond their youth and middle years (Chapters 7 and 8). Masterpieces of art were produced in the artists’ 40s and later, and artists remained productive until at least their 50s, with many continuing into their 70s and up to their deaths. Artists of renown, in short, exhibited relatively late peaks and long spans of creativity. A few of Lehman's (1953) studies of historical artists, in contrast to those generally favoring declines, also supported the continued tenure of creativity (Chapter 6) as did some studies of creativity test scores among nonartists, especially longitudinal efforts (Chapter 3). Late-life creativity therefore takes two contradictory trends (Chapter 3), either that of decline or continuation. Opposing trajectories could be the result of comparing test scores of nonartists with real-world achievements of artists, or of contrasting cross-sectional measures with longitudinal achievements over time.


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