Cardiac Remodelling in Pressure Overload Hypertrophy

  • Ute Seeland
  • Michael Böhm
Part of the Proteases in Biology and Disease book series (PBAD, volume 1)


Ventricular remodelling is the basis of differences in cardiac structure as hypertrophy due to pressure overload or ventricular dilation leading to heart failure. The heart structure is essentially influenced by the extracellular matrix (ECM). Only in this scaffold cardiac myocytes and vascular cells can do their function and a normal myocardial contractility is possible. The structure of the cardiac extracellular matrix depends on cardiac fibroblast collagen synthesis, on the activity of fibrillar collagen degrading proteolytic enzymes and their endogenous tissue inhibitors. The main component of the ECM are the fibrillar collagens. Collagen type I and type III are the major types present in myocardium in both normal and diseased myocardial tissue. Other collagens like type IV and type VII are important for basement membrane stability. Collagen biosynthesis is regulated at different levels of transcription and translation.


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