Phospholipid transporters ABCA1 and ABCA7

  • Gerd Schmitz
  • Wolfgang E. Kaminski


So far, a total of 12 genes have been assigned to the ABCA subclass of ABC tran sporters (Dean et al. 2001). The complete human coding regions and genomic structures have been determined for seven transporters of this subfamily. In addition to the prototypic members ABCA1 (Langman et al. 1999) and ABCA2 (Kaminski et al. 2001a), these include ABCA3 (Connors et al. 1997), ABCA4 (ABCR) (Chapter 20), ABCA6 (Kaminski et al. 2001b), ABCA7 (Kaminski et al. 2000a), and ABCA9 (Piehler et al. 2002). Among the ABCA proteins, two members, ABCA1 and ABCA4, have been directly linked to human disease. Evidence has accumulated to sugges t that ABCA1 functions as a facilitator of cellular cholesterol and phospholipid transport (Órso et al. 2000) and ABCA4 plays a pivotal role in retinaldehyde processing (Chapter 20).


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