Anions in Supramolecular Chemistry

Binding, sensing, and assembly
  • Philip A. Gale


Recent developments in the area of anion recognition and sensing have produced a variety of new selective receptors for anions.1 However, the great variety of anionic species and their importance in the environment (pollutant anions from over use of agricultural fertilizers cause eutrophication of lakes and inland waterways2), biological systems (mis-regulation of anion transport is responsible for a number of medical conditions including cystic fibrosis3) and in medicine (the maintenance of sulfate anion concentration in dialysis patients continues to be problematic4) presents a continuing challenge to the suprarnolecular chemist to design selective receptors for specific guest species. This chapter will discuss the efforts of our group and our collaborators in the areas of recognition and sensing of anionic species and of the roles of anions in assembly processes in solut ion and in the solid state. As such, this review does not provide a comprehensive overview of this area of supramolecular chemistry.1


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