Conclusion: Addressing Complex Reality

Systems, Barriers and Portals: Identity, Nationalism and Globalisation
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As I write this chapter the news of a change in community dynamics came about with the new Chief Minister Claire Martin, declaring that she would end mandatory sentencing (23rd August 2001) and the Yeperenye (Butterfly) Centenary of Federation was celebrated in Alice Springs, led by bands such as Yothu Yindi celebrating 60,000 years of Aboriginality. It highlighted survival of the spirit in Alice Springs (known as Mparntwe or ‘caterpillar dreaming’) through colonisation, separation through the stolen generation, the nuclear testing at Maralinga and the early land rights appeals to current day appeals for a treaty. The voices retain a strident sense that land is an issue and that reparation remains an unaddressed concern. It is in this context that participation needs to be addressed in planning for the future if a nation within a nation is to become a nation of respected citizens who participate in practical solutions for development, rather than a nation based on separation and reparation. A new potential for generating a shared sense of community is possible and the future is ripe for implementing participatory designs that could make a real difference for the future. Banathy (1996) stresses this as the distinction between ‘generative’ and ‘strategic dialogue’. The one must precede the other for trust to be developed (Laszlow 2001).


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