A Landscape of Multiple Cultures and Interest Groups: A Panning Shot1 of Place

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I have been as open as I can about my motivation, which seems appropriate and accountable, as I shift the lens from self to other. Following Janzen (1978) I will give a panning shot of place that blurs spaces and boundaries prior to critically honing in on specific systemic issues. Dialogue across self and other and environment sharpens the focus of this overview as I shift the lens to give a panning shot of place. The dialogical vignettes give a sense of the range of issues faced by residents (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) living in town. The purpose of the vignettes is to make space for people to construct their own maps of reality and to show how their own maps relate to other constructs. People see the same reality in many different ways. The vignettes and narratives give a sense of the constructions and how they relate to one another in a particular place at a particular time. The perspectives diverge and converge. Areas of convergence and divergence are explored in later chapters as interpolations across the landscape of perceptions.


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