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From Seven Years War to Crimean War

A Century of Devastation Continues
  • C. A. Spinage


The panzootic which covered the Continent beginning in 1745 lasted for 10 years and “swept away nearly the whole race of horned cattle throughout Europe.” Between 1740 and 1748, it was estimated that western central Europe had lost 3 million cattle. By the end of 1769, total losses since 1711 had been put at 100 million for the whole of Europe with at least 10 million in France and Belgium, 14 million in Germany, and 395,000–600,000 in Holland. In 1769 alone, 115,000 were lost in Belgium and Luxembourg, and 43,500 in Holland and West Friesland. Paulet (1775) was more conservative, suggesting that 1.5 million head were lost in Europe in 1711–14, and from 1745 to 1755 a further 3 Million. (Faust, 1797 gives 51,022 lost in Friesland in 1769, with 17,237 surviving, 74.8% mortality). In Holland mortality averaged 73% (Table 1, Figure 1). By the end of the century the total losses for Europe since 1711 were estimated at 200 million, with 28 million for Germany alone.


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    The exact nature of the English sweating disease has never been determined but is thought possibly to have been relapsing fever.Google Scholar
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    A three-zone system separated by stock-proof fences is required by present-day EC regulations for meat exported from FMD enzootic areas in Africa, such as Botswana. Zone A is the potentially infected zone, in B all stock are inoculated, and C is the free zone. No movement is allowed between the zones.Google Scholar

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