Single-Factor Influence of Working Parameters on the Cutting Property of Cutter Mechanisms

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Harvester is the main working machine for the mechanization yield of sugarcane, and the working performance of its cutter to a large extent affects the cutting quality of the sugarcane. In this chapter, the quadratic regression orthogonal rotatable design was adopted and an indoor simulation experiment was carried out on the affecting factors, including rotation speed of the cutter, harvester forward speed, knife number, cutter obliquity, cutting angle, and the knife-edge angle. The study on the affecting factors was done by means of a statistical analysis and a mathematical model establishment according to the standard of working capability. The relevant mathematical model was established and the single-factor effect of working parameters on the cutting performance of sugarcane cutter was studied. This chapter provides a direction for the further study on the control of the working parameters.


Working parameters Cutter mechanism Cutting property 


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