Adaptive Radiations of Neotropical Primates

pp 3-19

Molecules, Morphology, and Platyrrhine Systematics

  • H. SchneiderAffiliated withCenter of Biological Sciences, Department of Genetics, University Federal of Para
  • , A. L. RosenbergerAffiliated withSmithsonian Institution

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Phylogenetic perspective is gradually penetrating fields not always accustomed to the language of systematics, thanks, in part, to extended discussions of methodology (e.g., Harvey and Pagel, 1991; Brooks and McLennan, 1991). Two recent examples are studies of the evolution of social organization in primates: (1994) analysis of callitrichines and Di Fiore and Rendell’s (1994) review of the primate order. As this welcome trend continues, the importance of classification, a reference system of ideas regarding evolution, phylogeny and adaptation, will also grow.