The Oceanic Islands in the Eastern Pacific

  • Dieter Mueller-Dombois
  • F. Raymond Fosberg
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There are four small oceanic archipelagoes and three isolated islands in the Eastem Pacific off the American coast. These scarcely form a natural geographic region, but they have certain aspects in common. We divide them into a northern and southern subregion. Included in the northern subregion are the Revillagigedo Islands; the three isolated islands Clipperton, Cocos, and Malpelo; and the Galápagos Islands (Fig. 10.1). In the southern subregion are the Desventuradas Islands, with San Felix and San Ambrosio, and the Juan Fernandez Islands, with Alejandro Selkirk (Masafuera), Robinson Crusoe (Masatierra), and Santa Clara Islands (Fig. 10.2). All are considered oceanic in nature, and their floristic relations are almost all American.


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