Strong Types

  • Bruno Poizat
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Lemma 16.1. In a stable theory T, let p be a type in S1 (A) and let M be a model of T containing A. Then for every formula\( f(x,\overrightarrow y ) \)there is an equivalence relation\( E_f (\overrightarrow y ,\overrightarrow z ) \), with finitely many classes, defined by a formula with parameters in A, such that two tuples\( \overrightarrow a {\text{ and }}\overrightarrow b \)in M are congruent modulo Efif and only if all nonforking sons of p satisfy\( f(x,\overrightarrow a ) \leftrightarrow f(x,\overrightarrow b ) \).


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