Ion-Solvent Interactions

  • Maria E. Gamboa-Adelco
  • Robert J. Gale


How is an electrochemical system constituted? Describe the two ways mobile ions can create an interphase. What is the difference between hydration and solvation? Briefly, describe the three main approaches to the study of solvation. Draw a schematic of the water molecule. What is libration? Define a dipole and its moment. Explain how the water molecule is considered a dipole. What is the role of free orbitals in the water molecule? What is a hydrogen bond? Describe the ice and liquid water structures. Mention the seminal contributions of Bernal and Fowler, as well as of Frank and Wen, to the understanding of water structure. Write the basic equation for the interaction energy between particles and describe each one of its terms. How does an ion affect the structure of water? Draw a schematic showing the primary, the structure-broken and the bulk regions of water around an ion. What are the radius and the dipole moment of water? What energy changes are described in the Bernal-Fowler theory of ion-solvent interaction?


Dielectric Constant Dipole Moment Partial Molar Volume Adiabatic Compressibility Apparent Molar Volume 
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